Building long-term customer insight & trust through true value added services



"Through the prior vendor relationships held by New Hat, i was able to take a budgeted 1.5M project, and reduce my total spend over 50%, while securing the exact same technology i was planning for."  

Having a diverse set of expertise from a customer, vendor, and reseller perspective, New Hat can help you secure the best possible products and pricing to meet all of your IT needs.  There are countless internal metrics needed to be met by most large technology vendors today - yet with New Hat by your side, you can ensure that you are receiving discounts that only the worlds largest organizations typically see.  On the flip side, there are numerous up-and-coming technologies that New Hat has vetted.  Organizations that offer significant incentives for early adopters.  Having experience through multiple successful start-ups, New Hat can ensure that proper contracts are negotiated up front, mitigating risk, and securing the most aggressive pricing possible for your organization.

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"There is simply not enough time in my day to understand which vendors i should be meeting with to meet my long-term IT goals.  New Hat has a simple, proven approach to quiet the noise for me, and provide me with a clear, concise short-list of vendors i should pay attention to, and those that aren't a fit for my organization"

It's comments like the one above that can help folks understand the New Hat difference.  Most organizations today are stuck in the "business as usual" mentality, and have not assessed their IT reseller landscape in many years.  Yet, unlike the information technology vendor landscape today, IT resellers have remained more or less unchanged.  Instead of building a true understanding of the marketplace, most rely solely on following the lead of their customers, and then react.  New Hat takes a simple, proactive approach vs. waiting for you, our customer, to tell us what you "need".  We have teams that meet and assess the ever-changing vendor world of IT daily, do the due-diligence for you, and provide you with a best-of-breed short list to begin to evaluate, with us.



Why New Hat?

Experience –Vendor, Customer, Start-Up, Reseller
Simplification – A one-stop shop for all technology needs.  From small to large.
True Value –  Countless 0 dollar services to build trust
Response – An answer within minutes - not days
Family – A family owned and operated business

Our Story...

From humble beginnings as helpdesk operators, Novell administrators, recruiters, inside sales roles, and PC repair technicians, we've known the feeling of being another number on a chart.  As time passed, and our team moved into other roles within start-ups, large technology vendors, and executive roles within major companies, we saw a lack of personal touch and commitment to customer success that we learned from the days of picking up a phone and solving problems at a help desk.  We, at New Hat, firmly believe that a successful customer ultimately leads to our success.  Allow us to thoroughly understand what matters to you, as our customer, and allow us to ensure that those needs are met and exceeded.